Bris Catering in Far Rockaway, New York City and Parsippany

A bris is one of the most important ceremonies in the Jewish faith, bringing together a large group of loved ones.

Naturally, this means offering your guests a beautiful, large spread of delicious food to enjoy together.

Instead of trying to manage the meal preparation and serving, trust the expert professionals at Avant Edge Catering!

We offer perfectly prepared, full-service kosher catering to clients in Far Rockaway, New York City and Parsippany. Allow us to create a beautiful feast for your guests, while you focus your energies on being the host!

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Full-Service Kosher Caterers in Far Rockaway, New York City and Parsippany

Avant Edge Catering is dedicated to providing outstanding catering services. Using kosher methods and protocols, we serve delectable, crowd-pleasing dishes with elegance and class.

Our highly trained and experienced caterers are world-class chefs who can effortlessly assemble a meal for your bris ceremony.

The traditional spread for a bris is bagels, cream cheese and lox. However, you may choose to serve something entirely different or in addition to the traditional offerings.

Depending on the size of your party, your budget, and your preferences, Avant Edge Catering will help you select the perfect meal for the ceremony.

Whether you prefer a classic, sit-down banquet feast or a buffet-style spread, we can offer the service that best suits your needs.

Avant Edge Catering is pleased to offer our services at affordable prices, and we also provide free estimates to our clients in Far Rockaway, New York City and Parsippany.

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Delicious Kosher Cuisine With a Wide Menu Selection

Avant Edge Catering offers you an extensive and varied selection of menu items.

Whether you’d like to serve a traditional meal, or focus mainly on smaller dishes and hors d’oeuvres, we’ll guide you through our menu to find the perfect dishes.

Avant Edge Catering emphasizes fresh ingredients in every dish we prepare. Wherever possible, we source our items from local producers.

Our offerings are fully certified to be kosher, and we’ll happily accommodate guests with dietary restrictions or allergies.

One of our expert caterers will be glad to consult with you, finalizing your presentation, palate, as well as drink preferences. We ensure that no two catered meals are alike, and we take your personal requests into account every time.

You will appreciate our attention-to-detail, sense of taste, and exceptional quality!

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Outstanding Catering Service

From the moment we arrive at your home or event venue, Avant Edge Catering oversees every aspect of the meal preparation, serving, and final cleanup. Our team has the experience to deliver prompt, thorough service to everyone in your party.

We’ll bring everything needed to cook on the premises. You’ll be left with any remaining leftovers, and we guarantee delicious perfectly presented meals every time.

With Avant Edge Catering taking care of the meal, all you’ll have to worry about is your guest list!

Dedication to Tradition, Quality and Kosher Catering Services

As a leader in kosher catering in Far Rockaway, New York City and Parsippany, Avant Edge Catering is committed to adhering to kosher principles at every step of food preparation.

Each item we serve is prepared with care and patience, and our caterers promise extraordinary quality and freshness.

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